Goodbye for now.

Day 257 of 365

This weekend I made my way back to Connecticut to grab some things from home. The smell of fall fresh on the wet mourning leaves. Perched where he always sits our small dog trey watched me pull down the driveway from the front window. To see a home once so full of life now so quiet is a somber feeling. One thing remains, there is no exception for the passing of time.

Now I’m sitting in the family room, the same room I’ve written in since age 16. Still fresh on my mind our old dog buried behind the shed, Memeres blueberry muffins, all the family parties ad holidays, first loves, Friday nights watching movies and making forts with my brothers, and snowboarding in the yard. The past warms me up and cools me down all at the same time. A ritual of happiness and sorrow. It cannot be recreated, only appreciated for what it was.

Time gives life it’s urgency and it’s beauty.
We can only go forward and enjoy each moment as they come.

“Be here.”

The benefits of sharing.

Day 256 of 365

Sharing is at the heart of all creations.
Artists although often narcissists share there work otherwise they remain starving.
In my opinion the best artists share most often.
They share their process, work, tools, space, etc. etc. because relationships are what makes work thrive.
With out my relationships with my clients I would never have a return client.
More than your talent, more than your work ethic, how well you connect with the people you are working with determines much more about your success than how well you did on the job.
Yes you should always deliver a quality product but never be stingy or competitive with your counterparts.
There is so much you can learn from each other and withholding your information like you have a patent on it only stifles the chances of you refining your process.
There is no room in my life for stingy people.
Knowledge is not a finite resource, it is unlimited and I will continue to share my photographic process with those who want to learn.
If someone in your life isn’t sharing with you or helping you grow but is taking all the knowledge they can from you they might just be an energy leech. Stay away from that ish.
Keep sharing.
Keep learning.
Hope everyone has a great day.

Find your why, lead with love not fear.

Day 255 of 365

I had a nice run this morning over the Williamsburg Bridge from Brooklyn into Manhattan. With my headphones in and my music off it was almost complete silence all I could hear was the drone of my own breathing. I looked out to Manhattan skyline over the water and thought holy fuck I am so lucky to be alive in this time, in this place, at this moment. I have a bit of a cold today but I’m jazzed up. Each day I care less about what people think of me and more about what I love to do. Goals and action are stacking up faster than ever before. It feels nice to be doing what I set out to do some years ago.

On that note…I recently read a post from another photographer saying “People often tell you to follow your dreams but once you do they say What if it doesn’t work out? What is your fall back?” etc. etc. etc. I used to fall into fear when people would ask me questions like this. They still sting, although these people lead with good intention, their questions seem to doubt your ability. Often people let their own fears dictate the conversation rather than encouraging you to dive off the motha freaking deep end. Life is so freaking short and in 2018 it is possible to make a living on whatever makes you happy. It is a niche world we are living in and monetizing that is as simple as doing what you love and showing people every single day. I learned the hard way and let others fear hold me back for too long. When you find what you love to do please for yourself ignore everyone's opinion. Keep making work you are proud of and let that guide you to a career in happiness rather than a career in mediocrity.

Don't be a gate keeper.

Day 254 of 365

Recently I was talking to a friend about progressing in creative careers. Along the way it is inevitable that you will run into great people, assholes, and people that are somewhere in between. One of those types of people is what we would call a gate keeper.
This is someone who learns a trade secret or something that there friends can benefit from but instead of helping their counterparts they hold this new found knowledge in a vault like their life depended on it.
This is also the type of person that will have an opportunity they cannot take but will not toss it to you because they cannot stand to see anyone do better or more than them.

Don’t be this type of asshole.

Here is why.
Although being stingy and cut throat may get you ahead in the short term once the word gets out you will always lose in the long term.

People catch on and they will never forget the way you treated them.
If instead we help each other give more than we take most of our colleagues are going to be there for us when we need them most.

My friend Nick and I spoke a lot that day on relevant topics to our craft but I think what we spoke about was more relevant to being human.
We’re looking to play by our own rules.
Always try to give more than we take and make things were damn proud of.

If you want to step on people to get to where you want to be this blog isn’t for you but if you want to build a community that is more than just contacts in your phone or a stepping stone in your life try giving more than you take.
So far it’s been working wonders for us.

The end of progression.

Day 253 of 365

Back in the learning phase. I haven’t been trying to learn anything new for some time now and it has wasted precious time. Time I could have been adapting and growing stronger. Now I see the importance again and I am trying to save myself time by expediting my retouching process. Reigniting old routines. The night owl in me is coming out to watch how to youtube videos. You know you’ve been there and why wouldn’t you…We live in such an amazing time where education is as free as you want it to be and as expensive as you want it to be all at the same time. Education is a big part of my life if I am not constantly learning I feel like I am a pancake stagnant and wasting my time. Here are three things I am doing to learn right now.

1. Watching youtube videos on how to edit my photos faster but still get the same quality I do from photoshop.

2. Reading…specifically (Keith Ferrazzi's Never eat alone.)

3. Reaching out to friends for help with things I cannot figure out.

I hope you guys are progressing. Actively working towards a goal and not just a material. It’s never too late to learn.

Below photos feature edits I made in Capture one. A photo editing software I am hoping will help me speed up the editing process. The edits aren’t quite there yet but they are moving in the direction I would like to see them go.

Everyday counts.

Day 252 of 365

It’s easy to forget how amazing life is when you’re stressing about little things.
I think the problem here is that most of us address little things as big things.
When I woke up this morning I walked to my car before 9am to see that I miss read the parking signs and I was supposed to move my car for 8am. There I saw the orange parking ticket on the front of my windshield.
”Fuck it” I said to myself.
Life is way too short to let things that don’t matter effect your happiness.
Just pay it.
Obstacles come in our way only to see who’s driven enough to make it past them.
Every level in our society has it’s own set of obstacles.
Don’t stop at the bottom when tiny roadblocks come your way, hop over them and keep going.

Most importantly enjoy the people in your life while they are still here because one day they wont be.
Neither will you.
We’ll all day and in 48 hours no ones going to be posting status’s about you anymore.
Life goes on because none with or without you so why not enjoy it while your here.


Day 250 of 365

With these blogs I am always trying to be as transparent as I can be without spilling every single detail about my life. After all this blog is mainly about personal growth more than it is photography. Photography is just the vessel that made me take personal growth into my own hands. I am not perfect I slip up and for a few weeks I have been in a crumby low energy funk.
I’ve let it keep me down, but just by making small decisions (keeping my phone off and reading an inspiring book) I had the best morning and I had a productive day yesterday that is helping me see the light at the end of the tunnel.

One thing I would say I am really good at when I make the conscious decision to do so is to forgive.
It’s so freaking simple yet so often I find it more satisfying to be mad…but it’s not.
It lowers your energy, makes people around you put off, doesn’t make you any more right even if you are, and it is a massive waste of precious brain space.

Today I just want to forgive all the negative shit I’ve been holding onto.
It’s a miracle just to be here in this moment being able to pay myself, not have a 9-5, live in NYC and to be doing what I love most.

If your holding onto something let it go.
Even if a person still wants to hate you love them.
Why would we ever waste your energy on resentment?
Don’t, you’re too good for that.
Seriously the best feeling in life is not revenge it’s hearing that opening guitar riff to Superstition by Stevie Wonder and not giving a single fuck.

Enjoy your day folks.

Take your time.

Day 249 of 365

From this morning’s walk at Rogers Orchard a place I frequented this time of year as a boy.
I guess this just morning I just needed to clear my head and look around.
It was nice to have a moment to myself in a quiet place.

Feeling a place.

Day 248 of 365

How do you feel with where you are right now?
I mean look down, look up and around you.
Are your feet in the right spot?
Mine aren’t I’m in my hometown this week and I know where my feet belong.
I think you should be where you feel the best and where you get the most meaningful work done.
Getting there depends on one thing.
Making important decisions in your life and seeing them through.
For me that’s Brooklyn and places where I am close to a beach.
I love to start my days with a really cold swim an ice coffee and some writing.
Today I’m already missing Brooklyn so the below pictures are what I am craving.

Where do you belong?
What are you doing to get back there?

Trust the process.

Day 247 of 365

There is an ebb and flow with the way I create work.
It comes and it goes but consistency is the key to getting it to come back. 

Wether it be morning walks, personal projects, and self imposed deadlines each process is instrumental in getting the tide to rise.
If there is anything you want to pursue creatively or otherwise do it everyday.
Even if it is just 20 minutes.
Devote yourself to your vision.
Carry your camera.
Shoot with your iPhone.
Write everyday.
Whatever it is do it regardless of the outcome.
Let the process be your medicine the finished product will eventually follow.

Don't cheat yourself.

Day 246 of 365

Today I am a bit frustrated.
Although it’s Saturday and it’s a beautiful day I am trying to learn how to edit in Capture one but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to control the colors like I do in Photoshop.

I feel like this software is kicking my ass.

I’m tired of editing in coffee shops too bright to see my screen.
The colors I once controlled now escape me.
I need a dark place to create my work.
Not from a place of sorrow but from happiness.
If what you need is expensive pay for it.
Don’t cheat yourself on what you need to create more.

To sum this up I will not let this learning curve control me.
One day, one step at a time I am going to make this software my bitch.

Go forward.

Day 245 of 365

The fear of forward.
Responsibility and commitment have always scared me as I’ve always associated them with the end of my freedom.
As I age I don’t think this fear is well founded.
Responsibility has a sweet spot where enough of it only enable more freedom but too much is a burden.
Managing this lifestyle into adulthood is my ultimate goal right now.
I want my earnings to exceed my responsibility so trips like the one featured below can continue to happen.
I often forget that my lifestyle does not need to match those of my contemporaries.
I don’t need a big house, a wife, a rang rover.
My goals in life are hardly material.
Experience and a lifestyle of progression is really what makes me happy so I am going to continue to pursue that.
When I am learning is when I am happiest.
Knowledge excites me.
So I guess today I hope you tackle the unknown.
Research something you want to learn about and take small steps to learn it.
Progression is a catalyst for happiness.
Have a great day everyone.

Get inspired to get yourself out of a funk.

Day 244 of 365

I don’t have much to say lately.
I still write every morning but I am looking to switch some things up photographically.
I am trying to look at why I am making things and if taking a photo is the best way to portray the message I am trying to get across. This may lead to me making some videos, collages, or sculptures who knows maybe I don’t even know the medium I may use for a new project.

Between that, looking for an apartment and working on commercial jobs I am really inspired.
Inspiration comes in waves but when it does come I always hit the ground running and work seems to pour out of me.

I haven’t had any photo ideas for a while but since coming home to NY the ideas are now flowing.

Most of my inspiration lately seems to come from movie stills and music. Hopefully this helps any of you aspiring photographers or artists get some ideas.

Below are photos from a day spent skating and trekking around Salt lake city, Utah with my best friends.

Done is always better than perfect.

Day 243 of 365

It may be hard for me to realize at times but done is always better than perfect.
These may not be my best edits but waking up this morning walking around and shooting whatever I saw and then editing it the same day feels good.
Don’t slow your creations down by being too much of a perfectionist.
Get shit done.

Bring your friends with you.

Day 242 of 365

I dream a lot.
Not about my own ass, butt about traveling with my best friends.
We hiked yesterday it kicked my ass but at the end of the hike there was a waterfall.
It’s dry as hell in Utah so the water isn’t run off from rain it’s run off from ice and snow way up in the mountains.
The photo below is of us going into this freezing water.
Although it was painful it was my favorite thing we’ve done in Utah so far.

My brain often seeks comfort but in times like this I always have to remind myself that all of the best experiences in my life have come from diving into something painful first.
Wether it be a long run, talking to a stranger, singing in public, etc. etc. everything you want in life lies on the other side of your fears.

It’s even hard for me to tackle a lot of my fears sometimes but with each day I am taking conscious steps to attack these fears.

What I want is to continue to travel the world and to be able to take my friends on these trips with them not having to be able to pay anything.

It’s not easy but life is way too short not to make your dreams your reality.

Living in the present.

Day 240 of 365

With all of the shit going on in our lives right now it’s so easy to stress about the future, dwell on the past and forget the present.
There is only one time that matters.
Right now
I tend to believe that if you give your all to each moment and opportunity as it arrises you will lead a good life.
That’s really all I’m after, a good life well lived and a family to share it with.
Each day I realize how short life is and it only seems to be a ball rolling down an increasingly steeper hill.
Don’t forget to be in this moment, to love with your whole heart and let those around you know how much they mean to you.
I often forget to do this, and other times I look like a complete sap because I am not afraid to say I love you to my closest friends and family.
If today was all that I had, I want them to know.

Embracing variation.

Day 239 of 365

In Utah today in a town that is largely a military community visiting one of my best friends in the world.

Growing up ridiculously American I ate at subways, Mcdonalds, Dunkin Donuts etc.
The beauty of these places is that there is absolutely no variation in the product no matter where you go.
It’s cheap identical and pretty low quality but it’s always the same and Americans love that.
As I got older I started to realize the quality of smaller restaurants, coffee shops, etc. and although the product may vary the health and taste of the product was almost always better.

In different places around this country they make the same foods differently and holy shit has it been such a pleasant surprise so many times.
For example in Colorado I once had the best sausage egg and cheese between two waffles I’ve ever had, or in Australia they put vanilla ice cream in my ice coffee.
Variation and new perspectives is such a beautiful thing in life.
Next time your in a new city avoid the Dunkin Donuts try the local coffee shops, talk to the local shop owners get the inside scoop on where to go and try something new.

The shop owner I met today recommended Antelope canyon since we are so close to it.
Having done no research before this trip any tips on where to go will all be coming from the locals that live here.
Stoked to see this place later today.

Antelope Island State Park-48-L.jpg

It's not raining.

Day 238 of 365

It’s too nice out today so I edited these as quickly as I could in a coffee shop.
This is me not skipping a day due to good weather.

Love you guys hope everyone has a good day.