Witchetty Grubs

Yesterday Night the Witchetty Grubs owners Kevin Tolderlund and Dylan Savino stopped by to work on some product pictures for their website and online store http://witchettygrubs.com (Which will soon available this week) They both have a background in skateboarding and snowboarding, Dylan is their Head designer and Kevin takes care of all the videography.  Kevin also spends his summers in Colorado working as a videographer for Woodward copper.  They are great guys to work with and really good friends of mine.  Im super excited to watch the quality and popularity of this company grow.  The two of them together make a great team, they are super friendly guys and they are very dedicated to there love for the skate and snowboarding lifestyle.  If you ever see them at your local skatepark or snowboard mountain hosting a competition don't hesitate to say hello.