Lost in Iceland 4 (Aurora Borealis)

People travel for many different reasons some to relax, some to get away, others to meet new people but for me it is experiences like this.  There is nothing more rewarding to me then getting out of my comfort zone.  This night in particular we had set out before dusk to find a road that lead to all natural hot springs and a campsite in the Highlands of Iceland.  Having been to Iceland before I was prepared to see plenty of dirt roads, but my partners not so much.  Once it was dark out there wasn't much room to see and we contemplated turning around with the uncertainty of where we would sleep that night.  With the thought of being stranded in the mountains we decided to still push on and after a 3 hour drive on a dirt road we looked out of the cars windows to see northern lights.  In that moment there isn't much that can be said to describe the feeling you get when you see Aurora Borealis for the first time.  All I can really say to describe it is that I didn't really care where I was sleeping that night, how cold I was, what was around me or even what bills were due next month, for the next couple hours everything in the world was alright.  In these moments I find myself being okay with putting my camera down because the experience and the moment itself needs to be enjoyed for what it is.  I barely took any photos that night and I wouldn't change a single thing.  When thinking back to moments like this I  still need to remind myself what lead me to this point, and that is getting out of my comfort zone.  When I push myself towards road trips, sleepless nights, and trips with uncertainty I am more often then not pleasantly surprised.  In closing my number one piece of advice for myself and for others is to do something different, something your not used to, something uncomfortable because more often then not you will be surprised at what you might find.