Forgotten Youth Summer 2015.

This summer I started working with some bigger and more established brands, from WESC, and Pf Flyers, to Iron and Resin and Feltraiger.  It makes me really excited for my future in the fashion industry, but there is nothing I find more satisfying than making something out of nothing.  With that being said Forgotten Youth Supply didn't really start from nothing, it started with an idea and a relentless work ethic to get things done.  I have been working with Forgotten Youth since the start of the brand and over the past 6 to 8 months we have both seen our companies grow, Me with my photography and them with their clothing designs and customer outreach.  Forgotten Youth is run by the owner Patrizio Arpaia (Yes he's very Italian) who shares the same obsession and constant need to create things as I do.  In such a short amount of time he took this company from an idea to a brand that I know has a very promising future.  I have been working back and forth brain storming with Patrizio on planning Forgotten Youth Supply's Summer look book.  So in our not so typical fashion we grabbed our things and decided to take our meeting on a hike.  Here are some photos from our meeting/hike tuesday afternoon.