Feltraiger and Liberty Fairs

This summer I was brought on board as the in house photographer with Feltraiger (Fel-trey-gur) an American Made mens wear brand with a flagship store located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  After visiting the store for the first time about a year ago via the recommendation of my oldest brother, I walked in only knowing that they produced american made clothing. Immediately upon walking through the doors I felt like I was in one of my uncles motorcycle garages.  The manly smell of gasoline scented candles the dim lighting, 70s rock and the vintage playboy magazines really add the authentic touch, not to mention there was and still is a motorcycle on the floor of the store.  I was greeted by one of the owners Jon who was super down to earth, he really took an interest in educating me on the products they carried and overall just bullshitting with me about things we mutually thought were awesome.  To this day Feltraiger is the only retail store experience I remember every detail of after walking in for the first time.  Now one year later I have signed on as the brands east coast photographer and just this week attended my second Liberty Fairs trade show with Feltraiger where they showed their spring 2016 line.  I am very excited to see where this brand is headed and after seeing what they have in store for 2016 my belief in the brand has only been strengthened.  Feltraiger will be attending Liberty Fairs in Las Vegas August 17-19th if you'd like to check out some of their products and learn more about the brand follow the link below.