Lost in Iceland 1

Our first official night in Iceland we decided to head to a camp spot Matt had found online.  The campsite was located in the Icelandic Highlands and little did we know that this meant three hours of off roading in our suv while it was pitch black and completely desolate.  On the drive we ended up seeing some of the most amazing Northern Lights that ended up lasting through the night.  (pictures of that will be up soon) In that first moment of seeing Aurora Borealis we immediately stopped the car jumped out and just took in it's beauty.  It was like no other experience I have ever been a part of and I know in that moment we all shared a mutual unspoken feeling that could only be embraced by a hug and a quiet holy fuck.  After that we took off to get our camp set up and upon arrival we had to drive through a river that we noticed was steaming.  Again we got out of the suv and felt the rivers waters which was as hot as a bath.  We then drove through the river set up camp, and after a day with no food we had salad with dorritos as croutons (a camp delicacy).  That night was really cold but after a few beers and some shots of OPAL (salted licorice mint vodka) we took to the tent for a rough night of tossing and turning.  We woke in the morning to the sounds of mountain goats, and now that it was light out we could see that the warm river led to an all natural hot spring that we bathed in for about 2 hours.  After that we hit the dirt road back to civilization to start our journey.