Day 52 of 365 Late Bird

Sometimes the late bird gets the worm.  I've been up past 2am every night this week.  Still up by 7 or earlier but not without a struggle and today's morning was no exception.  This morning I woke up and immediately got to work on some client work that I really wanted to get done and send in today.  I got it done but mid editing my music shut off  I thought it was a simple wifi glitch but it turns out my landlords management company forgot to pay for the internet this month and probably last month so they shut my internet off on me... on my only day off from school and my biggest work day of the week.  This cut me to the quick because Wednesday the day when I submit to my clients, edit, plan future shoots and shoot in the studio from 9-1am is my biggest work day.  Needless to say I was frustrated but I coaxed myself into positivity and If there is one thing I hate but that is more true than anything...It's that "there is always a way"  There is always another way to get something done.  Very rarely are we not able to do something but more often we are restricted by the limitations we set in our mind.  With no wifi I figured I might be F'ed for submitting my client work today but I sacked up found a great coffee spot with wifi and in a reasonable time I submitted my work, finished a bunch of the HW I needed wifi to do, and in turn I found an awesome new place to shoot.  There is always a way, but it's probably not going to be comfortable.  

Below is an iphone photo from the cafe I am in as a write this blog post.  Below that is a mood board I made this week from photos that inspire me to create every day.  

Early Edition Cafe