Late Nights Early Mornings

For everyone that says to me how fun my job/life is and I am using job loosely because my job and my life are one in the same.  There is a lot you don't see.  You don't see all the manual labor I've done to afford to live as a freelance photographer.  You also don't see how often I am up till 2am and up before the sunrise and how I haven't had cable in 4 years because it's a distraction.  I don't take vacations I travel to work, often unpaid.  My family and creating work that I don't puke over is all that means anything to me.  I am trying to produce visual stories and it's not all cake, parties, and free travel like everyone thinks.  It's hard work and I wouldn't have it any other way because for people my age or those who don't have serious obligations who say they want it flat out they just don't otherwise they'd be doing it.  For the tons of people trying to live out their creative lives whether it be music, photography, dance, filmmaker, or making your own business you know exactly what this is like and it's fucking awesome but please please don't tell me my job is easy or that you wish you had my life because if you wanted to you would.  


Late night Studio Session with @SaintSamoht