How to deal with an Asshole.

This morning I almost dropped a class before I went to it luckily the registration room was closed today.  The room being closed gave me time to think about my decision over lunch.  The reason I wanted to drop the class is because the teacher just flat out does not like me.  I missed 2 weeks of class (For a job interview trial in Italy not just for fun) before I met her and on my first day back she had some choice words and over the 4 hours of class was a constant sway of rude to polite.  At first I though she might just be having a bad day or that she was really trying to lay down the law on me to establish some rules I just chose to not talk for the entire class and for me 4 hours of silence is not easy because... I talk a lot.  To my surprise my teachers rudeness continued and I just kept smiling I figured the nicer I look the guiltier she's going to feel.  About 5 minutes after her last nagging session she pulled me aside and apologized for being "uptight" I would more describe it as being a dick but none the less I was relived it wasn't just me who felt this way.  Fast forward to today I was stressed as hell because If I stayed in this class I have to deal with her and if I drop it I may lose my full time student status and it is too late to add any new classes.  Needless to say I figured I would give today one last try and after the class I decided to stick with it.  Regardless if she fails, me regardless if this teacher is a constant bitch to me nothing is going to get in my way of learning and progressing towards my dreams, sorry lady but I'm in this for the long haul. 

P.s.  Thank Mom for always telling me to kill people with kindness that shit works wonders.  =)) 

The photos featured below are on a walk I took after class around my neighborhood.  I take photos everyday whether its film, digital, in the same room as yesterday or if its's good practice and it eliminates any excuse you can have not to shoot.