Day 63 of 365

Stoked to be working with an amazing new company with an even more powerful message.  As simple as it gets The Feel Good labs intention is to make people feel good.  Ryan one of the co-owners approached me with a mutual friend and after being introduced we casually spoke and he listened to me describe my work and what drives me to create.  During our conversation Ryan's optimism and passion for his product totally radiated to everyone in the room and I left that day feeling inspired as ever.  The first product they have is called you plus relief and with out getting too in depth it is a Muscle and Joint rub with 30 all natural ingredients that took his father a Pharmacist 30 years to perfect....and yes it works damn good.  With out giving too much away I am teaming up with The Feel Good Lab for the entire month of November to create content for their website and Social accounts.  I am very excited to tackle this project because The Feel Good Lab's message of optimism couldn't align more perfectly with my own philosophies. 


If you wanna check out what their about here is their website CLICK HERE and if you want to try it out for yourself I talked the guys into doing an amazon promo code 30% off for any of my followers.  

Just use the Promo Code :  LIFIMXPM Click Here