Day 70 of 365

Last week my film camera broke.  Not the biggest deal in the world as cheap film cameras aren't hard to come by but none the less I have been enjoying shooting film again.  I don't worry about taking the shot like I used too with film.  I think making mistakes is a huge part of anything but with film being expensive and developing your film even more expensive than the film itself it tends to make people tiptoe around pressing there shutter.  I used to do the same but I've grown into not giving a fuck with film or digital or with my cameras.  If I see a photo I take it if it sucks later on I'll scrap it and get back to the drawing board.  Cameras are made to be used until they break.  Yes you should take care of them because they are not cheap but it's a tool, like a mechanics wrench, it will get dropped it will get scratched unless you baby it.  If your babying your cameras your not really using them.  

On that note people ask me what camera I use all the time.  I primarily use a Canon 5dmiii but it depends what I want to shoot.  There is a camera for every job and if I don't have a top of the line camera I will shoot with anything.  Whether its a phone, a disposable camera, a Hasselblad or a Calculator if it makes pictures I will use it.  Don't let the camera be your excuse not to make awesome photos.