Day 75 of 365


Today was a foggy day for me, I woke up late adjusting to the new time zone.  I still managed to get a lot of work done this morning and I officially ended my road trip with my friend.  I had some time to reflect on our trip while editing some photos and one place stuck out in particular to me.  N'Orleans aka (New Orleans)  Hands down the craziest and most unique place I have ever been to in the United States.  It felt like the wild west with some really good cooking.  First things first we got an air Bnb a short walk from the French Quarters of New Orleans in the 7th Ward.  Upon arriving there was a person or a group of people on every stoop of every house on pretty much every street.  Most of them outside drinking, staring and talking.  We minded our own and took our bags into the air bnb where we were left a note by our host that read something like this.  "If anyone comes to the house tell them to leave or call the cops, if people ask you for anything don't give it to them I have tried this and if you give them an inch they will take a mile etc. etc."  In my head I was like fuck this lol I live in New York I know what I am doing but New Orleans is nothing like New York.  New York crazies are all talk, New Orleans Crazies are fucking crazy.  Luckily we didn't run into any trouble over the 2 days we spent there but we did see some other people running into their own issues.  We had plenty of people trying to scam us, pick pocket us, we saw naked people on the streets, and mainly the drunkest culture I have ever seen.  We literally watched a guy get so drunk he fell on his face off his barstool twice, they didn't kick him out because the old man was practically a part of the bar as were many of its patrons spending week nights there since some of them were 16.  If there is one thing for certain it's that people in New Orleans like to drink. (Even the bar tenders were hammered.)  Now on to the good parts, along with there being a ton of shit people in New Orleans they are also a ton of amazing people.  People that exuded a love for their city like I have never seen, people who play their instruments and sing like I have never heard, and generosity commonly unfound.  Great grand children of French Generals and 5th generation Americans.  The truth is New Orleans is its own culture from the Creole Heritage to the local food, I have never been to a more cultured place in the United States than New Orleans.  I also had my first share of fried cat fish, craw fish, fried oysters and Jambalaya which was amazing.  Katrina did New Orleans dirty and from all the good people I met in New Orleans one thing remained a constant, they are a resilient peoples.  

I will be back.