Day 78 of 365

How do you interact with color?  For the past two years I haven been wrapping my brain around color and color schemes and I feel like I have barely begun to scratch the surface.  Color in our culture is used to elicit certain emotions and reactions out of us like red for sex, blue for calm, green for health, etc. etc.  It's such a subconscious thing but knowing can really open your eyes to some interesting things.  For example the next time you are at a movie theater look at the posters there and notice how many of the posters have 2 colors in them blue and orange or cyan and yellow.  It's baffling how people can regurgitate the same work over and over again but it is understandable because when movies use these colors on their posters they are tapping into our subconscious.  Using opposing colors on the color well give a harmonious feeling to our eyes.  Yeah it's lazy to always use the same color scheme and its proven that it works, but name 1 movie poster colorist you know...that right none.  I am consciously trying to pick colors while shooting and while editing.  I want my viewer to be pleased visually and I want my images to carry a certain romance within the color pallet and hopefully in the near future I will be able to pursue my message through the colors in my photos.