How to find your Dream job.

I understand myself more and more when I face adversity.  I know I am not where I want to be right now in my life but I know everyday I wake up and I push myself to progress.  If I wasn't struggling I wouldn't be progressing.  If things are really easy in your life right now trust me you are not progressing and that to me sucks a lot more than struggling.  I've been in that place before and it was the shittiest feeling not knowing what I wanted to do with my life and I still have so much of my career path open to change.   Whether I get into photography, media, marketing or anything along this creative path I know I will be happy if I am challenging myself.  I didn't come into photography as a career I wanted.   I just had a genuine interest in making cool memories while traveling so I can fill shoe boxes with photos to look back on.  While I was traveling I remember pushing myself so hard to find a career where I could make something tangible.  It didn't work, I thought opening a distillery was my answer after reading a few instructional books I thought that I could do that, then when I got home I realized I just like drinking whiskey not making it.  The whole time the answer was staring me right in the face and it might be for you as well.  At that time I was spending all my time taking photos in total ignorance of my love for photography.  My camera literally never left my hip, and it still doesn't.  


If you you have no idea what you want to do with your life don't worry thats a blessing in disguise.  That means you have the freedom to do whatever you want right now just as long as your willing to face some adversity and get out of your comfort zone.  For me once I found what I wanted to do I was able to identify what lead me there in 3 steps.  

1.  Be a yes man/woman.  Start saying yes to going to places, and doing things with people that you might not hang out with everyday.  (Don't be done with this one no drugs, no drug dealers I mean good people and fun and different opportunities.)  This may lead you to some boring events but trust me it will lead to more amazing experiences. 


2. Recognize what you spend most of your time doing.  If you like painting eggs every night well odds are you'd be really happy being a professional egg painter.  (Yes its a real career look it up)  This goes for turtle walker, kazoo player, or wine connoisseur, if you spend your time doing it odds are there is a career for you out there.  If it hasn't been done create the career yourself that is how our society advances.  


3. Travel, Travel Travel.                                                                                                                        I know travel is expensive I travel a couple times a year and it is not easy.  I work manual labor jobs in the summers to afford traveling and I budget my money.  Stop spending $100 at the bar every weekend and put your hard earned money to a good use.  Save every penny you can and don't let money leak out.  That means no $3 dollar coffee every morning until you can save up about $2000 dollars for a trip.  The key to learning through travel is going alone.  There is no more immediate way to understand yourself, what you love and what you absolutely hate then traveling alone, on a budget.  It pushes you to go out of your way to meet new people.  You realize so much of what you take for granted, and it makes you realize just how much you love your friends and family.  My last piece of advice for this don't go to a resort that is not travel that is like drinking at your local mall except your local mall probably isn't by a beach or blue water.  Finally travel for as long as you can afford, 7 days isn't long enough to understand what makes you happy in life, and if it is you are one lucky person.  


This is just what works for me so if it doesn't work for you I'm sorry.  

Below features photos involving some of my biggest interests.