DAY 3 of 365

Today is a twofer I took a couple photos for fun. 

The hat featured below is a product from Lemon Creek Creative, a company a buddy and myself started.  We marinated on the idea of starting a visual branding collective for just around a year.  After our ideas for the most part stayed the same we figured this was something we really couldn't sit on any longer.  So far Lemon Creek consists of 3 photographers myself, @uparts and @instabaeth.  We also have a couple designers we are working with and some guest writers.  What we do as a business is work together internationally to obtain work in more ground and we create visual stories and content for brands.  We are a community of creatives that flat out get shit done.  If I have a shoot for a brand and I need help ordering the photos or creating a story board I can reach out to one of the members and vice versa if they need help with an invoice or contract they will reach out to me.  As Lemon Creek progresses it is redefining my idea of a competitive market, I think it shows a fractured and inaccurate view of the creative industry as a whole.  Everything from movies, to marketing and fashion doesn't need to be a competition.  There is enough room for every single brand out there, every photographer out there etc.  I firmly believe that.  I know I am not the best photographer in the world let alone the best in this state, but I don't seem to scrutinize myself when looking at other peoples work anymore.  Instead I just admire what their work and consider it homework for my creative journey.  My creative journey will be defined by progression, my own personal satisfaction and my ability to deliver a top notch product not if I am number 1 number 2 or if I am dead last.  It just feels good to be pushing forward just for the sake of the process.