Day 6 of 365

Between Hotels, campsites, and the open road 2 things remain constant.  My camera is always glued to my hip and coffee is always the second thing I reach for as I roll out of bed.  More often then not it is shit coffee, sorry McDonalds but your coffee tastes like watered down burnt hair.  Luckily for me this was one of the more decent cups I had on my last trip, I conjured it up in a hotel in Wyoming.  I doubled the coffee grounds and used some powdered cream and sugar and I was pretty surprised how much better it was then any of the roadside coffees I had in days prior.  Funny how you can remember the little things because they make such a big difference in your day.  And thats just it for me the little things almost always lead to bigger things.  Even things like taking the time to make my bed lead me to a more productive day.  I'm letting my small daily goals lead me to bigger things.  

JUST START DOING forget how small the task it, trust me it will lead to something bigger.