Day 23 of 365

Beaten and soar but I am learning.  Knowledge is an individual pursuit.  No amount of tests or other bullshit forced onto you by some teacher or program will make you learn unless you want to learn it.  It just wont stick, at least for me it wont.  But actually giving a fuck about what you are learning is something you cant fake.  You can't even fake it to yourself your body will be disgusted and miserable.  Some people can stomach this reality for their whole lives but if the passion isn't there for me I feel like a fox with my arm stuck in a trap and I wont be happy until I chew my arm clean off.  Which leads me to my next point what is your long term goal and I think mosts peoples is simply to be happy but for some reason they've been tricked into thinking its being rich or being famous...fuck that unless its what you truly deep down in your gut want then go for it.  My goals are much more simple than that.  They've been broken down from what once was huge mountains to now more daily goals.  I like to learn something new daily, I take photos daily and I am trying to build my own sustainable business to support artists.  If I won the lotto tomorrow I would still be doing the exact same thing, traveling, taking photos, and working on building a business.   Think about it what would you do if you won the lotto tomorrow would you continue on your passions or would you waste your money in consumption and gluttony?