Day 38 of 365

I am spineless when it comes to grudges.  A repercussion of growing up with brothers, I just cannot hold grudges.  I see the good in people.  I don't care for money or power.  I care for happiness, prowess and my ability to work.  I'd lend my hand out to someone who spits in my face or disrespects me because more than likely they're dealing with a lot more instability than I am.  It was good growing up with brothers and getting punched in the face over the last poptart, because now I don't sweat the little stuff.  Bills are little stuff, petty arguments are little stuff.  Family, friends, love, fun, happiness and laughing, well those are the big things.  Let go of your grudges trust me none are worth holding, not even if someone killed one of your parents like someone did mine.