Day 47 of 365

Today was a bit of a test to my patience but I'm proud to say it's something I am striving to learn.   I think that comes along with having a positive attitude.  A part to my computer broke last night and luckily from experience I bought the insurance.....(Please people if you do any creative work on your computers BUY THE INSURANCE)  The issue although seeming very minor is a $600 repair now free because I bought the $250 insurance.  The question isn't if shit is going to go wrong its a matter of when and when it does how are you going to respond.  That is what this blog is all about tonight, How are you going to respond when the shit hits the fan.  Pressure is something that is very black and white for me it either pushes the best out of me or leaves me peeing my pants in front of the entire school when I miss the final cup in a match of beer pong. That never happened btw.  None the less today was a day for me to reflect on how I respond to the shit after its hit the fan and like my mother always said "You get farther with honey than you do vinegar."  Over 3 hours in an Apple and I am happy as a pig in shit to be out of there but I appreciate it testing me.  Keep learning people.