Day 43 of 365: Rough Start


Woke up nice and early this morning excited to explore the new neighborhood.  On my way out the door I noticed I didn't have my wallet on me.  After 20 minutes of searching for it I realized I lost it again, second time this month...IN NEW YORK FUCKING CITY.  The absolute worst place to lose a wallet.  There are a lot of opportunist in New York but I am a firm believer in positive thought and doing the right thing and I was feeling really positive this morning.  I remembered that I had my wallet on the seat at a bar while I was grabbing a beer before an apartment showing I was going to.  I hate sitting on my wallet so naturally I took it out of my pocket and didn't put it on the table in front of me because I was taking pictures of my beer smh.  The whole morning I didn't freak out I just accepted that it was gone and just tried my best to get it back.  Luckily I found some loose change I had laying around so I could at least get a coffee this morning.  (The coffee you see below.)  Moral of the story practicing positivity is really start to lead to positivity coming more naturally to me without even trying.  Everyday I am shaping a better me and no amount of fuck ups or lost wallets are going to come in between me and my happiness.  Stay positive peoples it feels damn good.