Day 87 of 365

An Irreplaceable Friend.

Today was Dakotas last full day on earth.  He was a loyal and as friendly as they come.  We spent this morning cuddled up together in my bed with my arm around him.  His warmth was comforting.   He was a thoroughbred with a thick coat and a thick heart.  A legendary pet who once fell 20 feet through a roof only to get up and walk it off like nothing had happened.  We spent summers by campfires in the back yard he'd stay by my side till 2 in the morning in hopes of catching a stray beer or hotdog.  The later I'd never give you, the first...well we had some times didn't we old friend.  To be there, in endless kiddy pools, in every hose, broken attic floor, by my side at camp fires, and at the top of the driveway, I'll never leave my sandwiches on the edge of a counter again.   

I already miss yah Koda.