Day 82 of 365


I have a soft spot for taking photos in my home town.  I find capturing the beauty there to be extremely rewarding.  Being from New England I feel that I live in the greyest town in the US and it has made me love gloomy winters.  It's a preferred lighting style and color pallet that I like to photograph.  The suburbs are a calm place but there is so much to photograph there, so many nuances that are not at all obvious, and difficult to photograph which is why I find it so fulfilling.  My only issue is dealing with people that ask me what I am doing, stop there cars to stare at me, or ask me if I am lost.  Fuck I'm walking around with a camera photographing snow I'm not doing surveillance.  I get that one guy walking around by himself looks sketchy but once you see my camera please move on.  This is like my version of a run or yoga, or meditation and its one of the only times I can truly concentrate, which is never easy when my mind is on other people questioning me. With that being said I still like photographing my home town and I would really like to explore photographing the suburbs more.   


P.s. if your house is in these photos thank you I really like the way they look in one way or another.