Day 105 of 365

Photography has been a marathon of growth for me.  Shooting so many different styles so often and trying to pin point one that works best for me has been no easy task.  Then after realizing how much I loved my taking photos I began making a slow transition into freelancing entirely which has brought up more challenges and learning curves than I ever thought I would be able to handle.  I still don't think I've found my niche within photography but I am sure of one thing "Rome wasn't built in a Day" but it was built everyday.  So for me no matter what happens if I make it or if I don't, or whatever making it even means is different for everyone.  Regardless of the end result I am showing up everyday to work and to take photos everyday.  There's still so much to be done and so much  fun to be had. 


Sample Photos for Narragansett Brewery's Spring Line