Day 125 of 365

What you don't see. 

I often here people tell me they wish they had my job.  I wouldn't call it a job at all its more of an obsession, a fun one.  A narcissistic one.  A dance with subjects.  What you don't see are the hours of researching, learning, editing, attempting to shoot but getting destroyed by the weather, and the frustrating days where you come back empty handed.  The highs are really high in any creative medium but the lows can be tough as well.  With that being said I wouldn't even begin to compare my lows to that of someone with a 9 to 5.  I wake up write, shoot, post, and send emails nothing crazy just consistent.  When it was warmer I'd wake up extra early to hit the local skatepark.  Felt pretty crazy being able to skate everyday, as if I was fulfilling some sort of childhood dream and it made me very happy.  There are tough days though and today was one of those days but it was fun.  Trying to see familiar places in new ways and just get back to the basics.  Having fun taking pictures.  Pressure can ruin a lot.  Im trying to work through it and continue to be a student.