Photography in the physical world.

Day 291 of 365

I don’t think often about being remembered or about death.
I find when I am thinking about death too much I am doing too little and looking at other peoples lives over social media too often.
With that type of lifestyle it’s impossible ever to feel enough.
This brings me to my next point.
When your making all the time it’s easy to feel good but it’s hard to feel satisfied.
The tricky part is keeping your standards high and your quantity up while knowing that some projects are by nature going to fall short.
Not every project will be a winner.
Finish, focus, frequency, and most importantly quality have always been my goals but sometimes I have to remind myself of that to light a fire under my ass.

In the digital age we are living in it becomes hard to let our work marinate in our minds and our hearts.
We see one post and want the next and the next and the next faster with each cycle.
It’s making me crave the physical world.
Gifting photos, printing for my journals instead of them being just filled with words.
New photos correlating alongside the visuals of my life in each year as it passes.
Like a scrap book or family album of sorts.
There is a story to tell from each life and lessons to be learned from others mistakes and triumphs.

I don’t expect to be remembered when I die but while I’m here I hope I can make somebodies day just a little better in the physical world, not just online.