Don't spend your holidays alone.

Regressing is a choice.
So is happiness.
I guess holidays once used to be a good time for me.
I don’t feel that way anymore I haven’t for a while now.
Distance grows between siblings and family members they have their own lives now and it makes you question why don’t I have my own.
How do I start building my own?
Am I doing something wrong? Am I wronging them? Do they just not want me around anymore?
The answer is yes.
Family for me is not about blood, and it’s not about who’s there for you when you need them most.
Family is about who’s there for you when you need them least, and who’s most honest with you.
All else follows.
I know growing apart is natural it’s life but their are just some people you never want to grow apart from.
All that’s left to do is what makes you most happy.
Go to your favorite place, work out, do whatever you love to do most.
Invite people to join you if they don’t want to forget them.