Don't be stoopid.

Day 282 of 365

Yesterday something happened to me that put a lot of what I write about to good practice.
It tested me anger management skills, my patience, and my ability to have rational thought in an unfavorable situation.

Around 3 o’clock yesterday I was having a very productive day. I decided to take the last 2 small boxes in my room and to go through the things in them to make my room totally clean.
Inside one of the boxes I found Christmas lights so at around 3:40 I decided to put those lights onto my balcony railing.
I grabbed my hoodie, my sandals and I went out there to string up the lights.
When I finished I reached for the handle to go back inside….

This is where I knew I fucked up.
Somehow when I shut the door the lever to lock it slammed back into the lock position.
My cell phone on the bed in plain sight.
My jacket and warm boots on my clothing rack.
All I could see was my stupid alarm clock counting down the minutes slower than I’ve ever seen a clock move…
I tried everything to get off the balcony.
I knocked on my neighbors window.
I tried to kick my door open.
I considered climbing down but the last floor is just too high off the ground.
No matter how much force I used nothing even budged I’m also 4 floors up so yelling at people on the street was hardly an option.
I ended up looking at the clock knowing that my roommate would be home in 2 hours and he would be looking for me to do our workout together.
Luckily he came home and saved the day.

I was out there for 2 hours and 20 minutes.
All in all it sucked but the first 30 minutes was the worst.
It took my body that long to adjust to the cold and the wind was relentless.
I knew I needed someway to pass the time, which the only decent part was thinking of creative ways to exercise in a 2x6 space.
I jumped 300x, did 300 calf raises, and 200 air squats.

Moral of the story is now I know how that door works so I won’t let shit happen again lol.

Below are some inspiration photos I have been looking at this week.