Day 149 of 365

I never understood how friends can be so afraid to express the bond between each other. Why is male companionship looked at in such a homophobic way? Love takes a level of confidence I find most admirable. 

To say I love you to your best friend as you hang up the phone leaves everything on the table. 
It's an acknowledgment of time and as Americans I think that's why we struggle to express our bond face to face. We're not afraid of love we're afraid to die. I tell you what though I won't wait for my brothers to die just for me to post a Facebook status. I know my loved ones know how I feel about them because I think it's important to do so while everyone's still here. 
The most confident thing you can do is tell your loved ones just how loved they are. 
Acknowledge the realness of time and enjoy it because there is no place like the present.