Day 151 of 365

I will start by saying this,  there is nothing wrong with meeting your career ambitions with a stable job right out of college.  After all most of us desire stability but I don't feel that it is beneficial for me to hang out with people that are too comfortable with where they are at in their lives right now.   I think pain is the best catalyst for growth and comfort is the complete opposite of pain.  In this stage in my life I need to avoid comfort like the plague.  
I dream of sun drenched days, waking up in tents, living on the road again. 

Not a Nyc apartment, not a suburban house or a new car, I dream of experience, building a life with my brain and my own two hands.  Social status means nothing to me. 

Only my family, my work, and seeing people smile means anything.

Just as my father I too will die, and my awareness of my end motivates me to make each day count.