Day 144 of 365

It's early Monday morning and I was feeling a little down this morning.  Do I have the right to no probably not, I my health, a good family, and an amazing gf.  This melancholy feeling was fairly easy to shake once I thought of the things that make me happy.  It's corny as hell that the things that still make me happy as an adult are the same things that made me happy as a kid.  Time spent outside, being active, skating with my friends, making videos and taking pictures, good conversations, learning new things, and spending time with my family.  Besides my addiction to photographing things none of those listed above really need to be paid for.  Yet we so often have things we can't afford to impress people we don't like to have a bigger house to blah blah blah.  I don't want to forget the things that make me happy in search of validation.  I don't want to post a photo of my new house, or new car, etc. just so someone else can stroke my ego.  Searching for external validation might be right for other people but it is no good for me.  It has made me dependent on others opinions in the past it also made me feel that I need to be something I am not.  I'm not validation free I still have my peers I confide in but I am learning to trust my gut more everyday.  I don't know about you but my gut has some powerful things to say to me I think it's time we start trusting it and do what makes us happy as individuals so we can help make the world a better place. 

Happy Monday people.