Court Day

Day 174 of 365

Over a year ago now.  Last April was a strange and emotional day.  As Connecticut abolished the death penalty the man who killed my father had to be re-sentenced to life in prison.  I was okay with that.  It sucks the state doesn't follow through with their word yet they expect citizens to follow through with theirs.  With that being said I wouldn't want the blood of a man on anyones hands for my own satisfaction.  I don't even think it would provide me or my family peace of mind.  If the state forced an innocent corrections officer, executioner whatever their title would be to kill a guilty man my father would still be dead.  So what would be the point why stoop to such a low level.  

On a brighter note I am going to tell you the good that day did for me and why I am posting this today.  I have been stacking up rolls of film that I have shot on various shitty cameras.  I shoot them of my family friends etc.  Then I just take the roll and put it in a box.  Now a year later and I have about 20 of 40 rolls left to develop and scan and I am finally posting the photos.

On to the good that day brought me and my family.  To finally put a face to the man that killed my father was surreal, before that day it was almost a cartoon a myth having only seen the guy in the paper didn't feel real.  It gave me a chance to stick up for my family.  Not only in front of a misguided criminal but in front of a court/state that doesn't follow through with anything they say.  That felt good.  It also brought together the people I love most in my life.  We were all there.  My family, my dad's colleagues, his friends, etc.  The day wasn't about the court, it wasn't about the criminal, not even the re-sentencing, it was about how one mans life has brought so many people together.  

Looking back at the photos I took, that sentiment is very evident.  
There is only 1 photo in the courtroom.  The rest are of the people I love the most.

What's important to you will ooze out of you, whether you like it or not.  It's who you are. 

In some part you chose what is important to you.  That day could have easily been focused on the negative, but it wasn't we chose otherwise. 

Today I hope you chose to make the best out of a shitty situation, spend some time with your loved ones, be happy together.