Day 170 of 365

Trying not to skip a day of this blog, with all of my routines for that matter.  Like writing every morning or getting some form of exercise everyday.  With my morning writing it feels like if I miss it for 1 day it is a massive derailment of a locomotive.  It should be that way with all of your routines.  They don't need to be done at the same time everyday but they need to get done.  It needs to be a priority for you to progress in that area of your life.  So instead of looking at it as a cheat day, look at it as a end to your momentum.  It's like pushing a car with your friends while it's in neutral at first it's so unreasonably heavy but once you get it going you will be walking with ease.  Don't stop... and on that note this is the end of my Saturday blog. 
I hope today is a productive one for you. 

Keep that momentum going.