Day 202 of 365

Why can't this be your everyday? Why can't you wake up at the beach and still manage to work? Why can't families be together more often?  I don't think you can have everything but I do think we are stripping ourselves away from a lot of important instinctual parts of life.

When I think back to the happiest parts of my life I think of family gatherings vacations or times spent together as a kid.  Even working manual labor with my brother Zach was a freaking riot.  We worked hard but we never stopped laughing all day.  I'd like to have more of that in my life.  The importance of community and strong relationships is an ever present subject in my head.  Having traveled a bit alone the importance of family hits you most when you don't have it.  Probably why I am so adamant on spending quality time with my loved ones.  I am very aware that our lives are finite and I want them to know how much they mean to me.  

So why do so many of us ignore the community aspect of our lives?  For example I see immigrant families all the time living in large homes with 3 of their siblings and their children and wives.  To me it's amazing.  Having dinner with my brothers 5 out of 7 nights of the week would be a dream come true.  If that sounds like a nightmare to you I'm sorry that must really suck take a vacation.  Space is easy to come by and for some reason in America we value space extensively.  I thinks it's a huge reason why most families are in debt or unhappy.  We for some reason associate freedom with having your own things, house etc.  I happen to have a different definition of freedom.  

Being wealthy enough to afford the lifestyle I want to live and not having to stress about finances and being able to take my family and friends with me.