Creative Jobs.

Day 222 of 365

Everyday is just an excuse to work on something new. 
There are hardly any excuses besides family that are valid reasons not to create today. 
Most of us think we are born with or without creativity. 
Thats bullshit. 
Creativity to me is a derived from continuous creation.  
The deeper you get into the creations in whatever genre you are pursuing the more like you you
You don't need to be an expert to be creative you just need to look at things differently. 

Yesterday we sat in Kevins camper for the last time. 
It was a blast. 
We drank some beers and collectively brainstormed on ideas and tasks we are working on. 
It was a productive and fun way to spend our Sunday v.s. the alternative going to a restaurant eating drinking and getting nothing accomplished. 

Work before play doesn't mean that your work cannot be fun.