Think about tomorrow.

Day 306 of 365

I’ve been thinking a lot about long term decision making lately.
Whether your decision is for a few months or a year or for life, I think it’s important to see past instant gratification.
For example wanting chocolate and going to the store the same day to get chocolate.
What if you waited a day every time you had a crazing for sweets?
Would you still want to eat poorly the next day?
If the answer is yes then by all means your body probably needs that sugar if youre craving it for more than a day but this type of long term decision making is important to our conscious mind.

The subconscious screams for things it wants but doesn’t need.
It screams for habits, good or bad.
I think once we control our life more consciously we start to control the outcome.

When you do what your friends do and feel bad about drinking your face off every weekend but continue to do it anyways you will stay in the same place.
Or if you work your weekends away and wish you were out having fun with people you loved you will still be stuck repeating what you hate.

Life is a marathon not a sprint.
I was extremely impulsive as a teenager but now as I am learning more each day I realize the importance of long term decision making.
For yourself, for the environment, other species and for the generations to come after us.
We need to consider the implications of our actions.