Lifestyle first, Goals second.

Day 308 of 365

I’ve been thinking about my new years goals this past week.
Taking specific notice of what I have started and what I haven’t and what has already begun to stick.
There is no secret to learning a new skill, do it consistently and research it thoroughly and you will learn that skill.
I think this is the same for our goals but instead of saying I’d like to achieve this we need to say “What can I do everyday that will help me achieve blank?”
That often comes down to a new habit or a new lifestyle and it takes a lot of discipline.
For me to establish new habits I need to add them to existing routines.
For example I started writing just over a year ago.
I bought a journal and decided that every time I drink coffee I will sit down and write for 10 minutes.
Those 10 minutes quickly turned into 20 and before I knew it I was filling up journals monthly.
There was no specific goal with my writing other than to write and to hopefully be able to look back on it one day and have learned something, it’s also a great way to keep positive.

My roommate this year decided to learn how to play the guitar as his new years resolution.
Since we moved in he had been talking about wanting to learn but he would never try.
Once he starts something he will do it everyday he is just that disciplined.
So he decided that for the new year he would pay for classes knowing that would make him make him take his learning seriously and it has.
He plays guitar everyday and he is killing it.

My point here is to reach most goals is often a lifestyle change not just a hey let me do this and finish it today.
It takes years of dedication to achieve goals not just a brief resolution.
For me those lifestyle oriented goals are photography, writing, finishing all of my showers with 30 seconds of cold water, exercising, and healthy eating.
I want to do these things until the day I die.
What do you want to do forever that can help you achieve your goals?
Lifestyle first, goals second.