One step at a time.

Day 318 of 365

Somethings in life are really simple.
Put good in get good out.
Put bad in get bad results.
So why is it so hard to do live by that resolve all the time?
I think for me it’s baby steps.
I see where I want to go and I try to play life like monopoly skipping all the steps in between.
This leaves you with a terrible foundation and inevitably it will come crashing down.
The goal now is baby steps.
Like this blog, like photography, I have only learned from continuously doing something for the love of it and doing it often.
My hope is that the more aware I become of baby steps the more I will keep my feet moving forward focusing on each step rather than just the end result.
I hope this helps someone who feels the same because when you make one small move a day towards your goal you will one day look back and have a giant body of work or accomplishments behind you.

Happy Friday