Live in the Now.

313 of 365

This Sunday I went back home for the superbowl spur of the moment and against my better judgement.
I ended up having a great time but It felt really weird.
I felt emotions that I’ve never really felt before.
The place I once called home now feels like a distant memory because that home no longer exists.
That time has passed and that’s okay it was amazing while it lasted.
To get out of that feeling I didn’t want to run away from it but rather I wanted to face it head on.
So I decided to go on my favorite hike in my hometown and bring my brothers dog along.
It was great I felt the toxic mood tearing away from my stomach with each step.
I’m glad I grew up where I did, glad I moved away, and glad that I can take the change head on.
It also made me really appreciate where I live now and where I grew up.
New York has so much opportunity, so many great people, and really great food, Connecticut has much more intimate communities, nature, and room to live at an affordable cost.
There is good in everything you just have to seek it out.
Most importantly don’t morn the past appreciate it for what it was and for what you have now.