Give more expect less.

Day 322 of 365

I was running this morning and my mind seems to wonder when I first wake up but in an extremely methodical way.
It’s slow and dreamlike then it shifts into a streamlined consciousness that is only accelerated by exercise.
The thoughts always very.
Sometimes I have thoughts of my family and the sacrifices they have made for me and it helps me push through the physical pain.
Today it was different it felt like I was walking down a trail of awareness.
Seeing my actions from an outside perspective.
I felt a sense of empathy for people that have to deal with me wether in business or in life.
Not that I am a bad employee but I’m not a perfect person.
Understanding myself and how I make others feel is important to me and for that I am empathetic.
As my run continued I felt this theme cary on in the shape of giving.
I asked myself how can I bring more value to my friends, clients, and the people I love the most?
There’s no one answer but I think that we should all expect a lot less from people and give a lot more.
Me especially.