One size doesn't fit all.

Day 349 of 365

If there is anything I have felt from growing up in America it is that our idea of relationships is extremely rigid. We expect people to fit into the mold traditional monogamy so easily. Which I believe in certain aspects of but I don’t think we need to label things so strictly. I feel that monogamy is much more difficult than we expect and we alienate people that have trouble with it. Monogamy is a commitment and it takes time, patience, work, trust, communication, and so much more. Never judge somebody for what they love. (Unless it hurts others obviously.)

Labeling is a damaging aspect of which the American school system trains us, everything needs to be explained and categorized. When it comes to relationships this isn’t healthy. There is only the feeling and mutual connection you feel with another person. However, you go about bringing that to life is between you and the other person not the people around you. That goes for all types of relationships. If you want to love someone across the world and be pen pals, yet be married to someone in your own city great just communicate that with the people you love. No one needs to label you and you should pay no mind to the labels people place on you. All that matters is that you and the people you love know where each other stands in your lives because there is nothing worse than valuing someone drastically more than they value you.

My point here is to worry about your own relationships unless someone asks you for help with theirs. Whatever works for you works for you and all that is stated about should be taken with a grain of salt because that is what works for me.