Day 360 of 365

I walked around this morning at 7am.
It was great, and it was the first time I’ve ever felt like I was in nature in New York City even after all the times I’ve been to central park. (NOT NATURE mainly tourists)
It just goes to show there is beauty everywhere if you look hard enough yet there is still so much trash to be found.
I think as a community Brooklyn and the rest of the United states needs to do a better job at regulating the production of plastic.
I look out my window everyday to see my neighbors throwing full bags of trash out the 13th floor.

It’s disgusting and the bottom line is that it is a lack of respect for yourself as well as the land you live on.
It’s easy to feel disconnected here and being such a nature boy it kills my heart to see the mindset of soem city dwellers.
It’s easy to think your separate from the earth here with everything being man made but the truth is this place has the most impact.