Small obstacles.

Day 363 of 365

If you know me personally you know come spring time I don’t want to exist in the North East anymore.
I am allergic to damn near every tree here and it makes me feel sick for a few months.
More than anything this year my attitude has been strides better than it has been in any past spring.
My allergies make it hard to sleep with asthma attacks happening 1 to sometimes 3 times a night always around 2-3am.
Last night was a long one for me and I woke up few times progressively more annoyed with each interruption.
It throws my entire day off because I am such a morning person I like to work out at 5:30am and finish my writing / other routines by 10am.

This morning I said freak it.
Last night sucked but this morning doesn’t have to.
I slept in till 7:30 to get some sort of rest and I have since been on a tear of pure focus getting my work done.
Not everything in life is going to happen smooth as butter.
If there are some bumps in the road relax everyone has their own bumps to face and most are worse than mine.
The key is to start moving so you can get around those bumps don’t just sit there and say “Yup that’s it there’s a bump in front of me gotta turn around for the day.”

You wouldn’t let a rock beat you in chess, don’t let a problem that can be fixed beat you in life.