What I learned from one year of blogging.

Over the past couple of weeks since the blog has ended I have been writing 20 minutes a day in my journal.
I’ve had a few epiphanies the since then.
I came to realize even more so how important constant action is.
Overthinking anything will only lead to more confusion.

I’m learning daily that stress, fear, jealousy, insecurity are all things that need to be let go of.
Most importantly I’m learning to not ask permission for the photos I want to take.
If I want to make a series of portraits I am going and doing it.
I think the fear of people getting upset at me taking their photo or asking to take their photo in the past has stopped me from seeking those stories.
Now although it is still an uncomfortable notion to seek out potentially conflicting encounters I do it.
I am doing it more than I have ever done and I am giving less of a fuck what anybody thinks of me in the process.
I smile at the mean looking men with their muscular pitbulls, I smile at the old ladies, talk to the kids on their bikes, help mothers carry the strollers up the subway steps.
In New York Stopping to talk to a friend passing you by is practically a sin. 

Social interaction here is kept to a formal discourse of dinners, brunches or night outs.
It leaves me longing to know my neighbors, talk to the people in the neighborhood, like my parents I want to be a member of the community and I don’t think that will happen if I live by the unspoken rule of this city.

My point here is your brain wants to be liked by everyone, it tells you to take the most comfortable path all the time, it begs you to stay in bed an extra 30 minutes, and it misleads you daily.

Do not let you subconscious mind decide the outcome of your life.
Let your actions decide where you want to go.
Take it from somebody who is just starting to escape the lost in thought period of their life.
Only action and intuition can set you free.