Day 66 of 365 Election Day

There's been a lot of drama today surrounding the presidential election.  Rightfully so it is a prolific presidential race with 2 major candidates that have very opposing view points with grossly similar lifestyles.  None the less there hasn't been much to choose from which leads me to my next point.  How do we even the presidential playing field to lesser known candidates?  The presidential election shouldn't rely solely on the individual candidates money.  I think a huge part of it comes down to Marketing budgets and relationships.  I see a "Make America Great Again" hat every single day and for a few days now Hillary Clinton has had her own snap chat filters...YES SNAP CHAT FILTERS.  For those who don't know what this is I will attach a photo below, but damn I was so impressed by this genius marketing move when I saw it.  So to whoever is working on her marketing team that put this together I admire your work.  Just goes to show that in 2016 anything is possible, if Hillary is marketing on snapchat whats to say you can't make a living off of making snap chat filters...which I bet there is somebody doing that exact job right now.  With that being said I have 2 things to close on number 1 being nurture your dreams no matter how stupid they seem at first if your passionate about it do it relentlessly because it may turn into something more.  Number 2 its election day and although I did not vote I still love America, I love that I grew up here I love that I have the freedom to chose whatever I want.  If I wanna fill my pants with poptarts I can do that...and that feels good because fuck I could have been born in a mud hut in Saudi Arabia where they cut your hands off for stealing a loaf of bread.  So whatever your choice was today I don't care just realize that we have it made in America, this is the land of opportunity and I fucking love it.