Day 67 of 365

For too long I have been away from nature and what I would consider my workflow.  Waking up before the sunrises to the sent of coffee and reading for a good 20 minutes while I eat some toast and eggs.  Some times I won't read a lick instead I put some music on and get to work.  In these times I let the music inspire the days photos.  I miss the refreshing sent of falling leaves and a cold brisk air easing into my breath.  Most mornings lead me to water, it's where I prefer to shoot, and long trails are where I prefer to think.  I like finding hidden oasis's for me to write and set up shop, particularly a place to build a fire, an obsession I've had since I was a boy.  A primal obsession.  Now I don't care much for cities but there is good here too, the best people you'll ever meet and some of the worst.  There are creatives pushing boundaries in all fields, and flavors from all 7 continents in a 3 block radius.  The city ain't so bad but I know where my home is.