Work, Working alone, and Unlikely Projects.

Currently I am waking up to a small snow drift in the middle of Connecticut.  I am just about to head to Brooklyn for the day but I wanted to squeeze this Blog in before I head out.  Its about work, working alone and taking on unlikely projects.  I am a huge proponent of collaboration, I think photography itself completely relies on it. Whether you collaborate with people, objects, the land or the sunlight photography in itself is one large collaboration.  One thing I noticed since I have moved home is that I work alone a lot.  I have camped out twice alone, I have hiked several times at 4 am just to catch the sunrise and sometimes there was no sunrise at all but rather a thick sky full of grey clouds.  I know I have a drive and obsession over this medium that wont let me rest until I am creating work I am proud of, and unfortunately I am not there yet.  I don't want to end up only shooting wedding photography or photos of children in a school, I understand I may have to do that now to survive but eventually I want to end up working on Ad campaigns that reflect my personal work.  The struggle and the hustle isn't easy but I do thoroughly enjoy it.  It has really pushed me to work with more brands around the country and to take on jobs I would have never expected to be photographing.  Recently one of the videos I filmed was the opening clip on the show Tosh.0 which is a client I had never expected to have, doing work I never expected to do.  I am striving to push my everyday work to look like quality of the brands and photographers I admire, but I am also looking to keep my passion, and creative twist on my work.  Unfortunately this leads to me working alone a lot lately.  I take photos every single day no matter the situations so I really appreciate when I get to shoot with friends or other new subjects.  To end this on a good note, keep shooting, don't be afraid to work alone... a lot... nobody is going to hold your hand to success, say yes to things you normally wouldn't do and you'll be surprised what you will start coming up with.