Up the coast for a day. (Portland, Maine)

     Last week with only a few days left of our spring break Meg and I headed up to Maine.  Although I had been to Maine I had never been to Portland and I heard it was good for photographs (it really wasn't) it is basically a small city...but the surrounding areas were amazing.  We are broke college students still so we decided to only stay one night which made me worried about having enough time to get content for myself as well as photographs for the company's I am working with.  The first day up there we couldnt find anywhere to shoot in Portland so I ended up with a whopping ZERO photos day 1.  Although I did end up with a full belly and I had the hands down best coleslaw I have ever had in my life at the Little Tap House restaurant.  Basically being in a food comma after dinner Meg and I made our way back to the hotel and got super drunk and watched Tarzan as I looked up photo locations for the next day.  Super awesome tip for how I found the locations listed below, Search the place you are looking to find photo spots at on Instagram  you are bound to find awesome scenic spots because people love to geo tag.  If the spot you find on instagram doesn't have an address look at it on google maps and try to distinguish where the photo spot is in relation to surrounding landmarks.  This really helped me for these spots below because some of the places I was looking to find didn't have addresses.  Other than that just hiking, exploring and shooting should eventually lead you to your own unique scenic places.  Yeah instagram can help but it does get pretty boring seeing 20 photos of antelope canyon and horseshoe bend shot in the exact same frame every single day.  On to Day 2 I woke up super sick with such a shitty head cold, but I wasn't going to leave Maine empty handed.  That day was freezing cold raining sideways and everything was iced over not to mention we only brought light jackets because we figured it couldnt be too much colder than Connecticut.  We hit 3 spots that day and I took about 2000 photos, and I shot about a roll and a half of film.  We also ate more seafood.  Needless to say we will be going back to Maine and hopefully for a bit of a longer trip.  The sea food was amazing,  the hotels was only $86 a night with tax split to $43 a person and you can easily find cheaper hotels.  Hope this helps anybody looking to get into photography, or just to explore some new spots.  

Here the restaurant we loved in Portland      http://www.littletaphouse.com/  

The Pennant that says "Explore" on it featured in the photos is for a photo collaboration I am working on with      http://oxfordpennant.com/