The best sleep you'll ever get camping.

Utility is something I hold as a priority when I buy anything.  As most of you know I love camping but for a while sleeping while camping was a nightmare.  After a sleepless and cold night in Iceland in a sleeping bag without a pad separating me from the ground to preserve my body heat and to make my sleep more comfortable I knew my next trip needed a sleeping pad.  After tons of research I found the perfect fit for me.  I wanted something light and easy to blow up, as well as comfortable and not too thin.  I ended up going with  Windcatcher Airpad 2+.  It blows up in about 2 minutes and its really the only camping pad of its kind.  Camping is super fun but without this pad it was pretty impossible to camp out for more than a night because I just couldn't sleep.  The sleeping pad retails at $99 dollars which may seem expensive but if you ask me its a very reasonable price to pay for a good nights sleep.  It also packs extremely small and light.  All bullshit aside if you want to camp with comfort and enjoy it, I would say this is the most essential piece of equipment you can get for camping hands down.  

For anyone that wants to camp out I recommend this sleeping pad as a must have and its been a total life saver on all my trips this summer.  If you want to sleep comfortably while camping I will leave the link here.