Day 31 of 365 "DON'T HUSTLE"

Hustle your products, hustle your projects, hustle your workflow but more than anything don't hustle people.  Be in love with the process it takes for you to create quality work no matter how hard it is, learn to love it.  Quality is what I am constantly striving to give myself and all my clients.  At the end of each day I want to be proud of my work.  I want to be a good person in and out of my business.  This is why I don't hustle.  I work my dick raw and I treat my clients with respect.  I hate to be hustled as do most people and it is very easy to tell when people are trying to hustle you.  I don't want to be conned into buying something or sold products that fall apart in days just because some brands care more about margins then they do their customers.  Don't sell me something, educate me.  Educate me on what I am investing in, tell me the back story to your product or service so I have something to tell my friends and family, don't leave me with an extra paper weight to collect dust on a shelf.  Most of all don't try to hustle people, its a lack of respect for your customers and it will bite you in the ass in the long run.