Day 32 of 365

I've been hiking to a spot in my home town for about 8 years now.  In the past 3 years I have really ramped up the amount of times I frequent this place.  It's a long trail that leads to a reservoir.  Hiking in this area frequently has really made me realize the importance of putting in your time and not just hourly or weekly but yearly.  Success is a marathon not a sprint.  After hiking to this trail for years I have seen more and more wild life.  So much that I truly believe I can hike these woods until the day I die and I will never run out of new things to find.  Over the years I have seen everything from baby owls growing up to, beavers trying to play, a black bear 10 feet away from me and so much more.   None of which would be possible if I didn't put it my time.  My hike yesterday reminded me of such a simple key to success.  Working your ass off needs to be long term if you want to accomplish big things.  Keep working people.